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Peptide Prep™ PRO chelating hair complex

tackles metal + mineral buildup for optimal service results

no mix. no extra rinse. works in just 4 minutes.

  • Reduce 7 types of metal + mineral buildup in 4 minutes*
  • Reset hair for ideal application of chemical color services
  • Revive color vibrancy
  • Restore natural texture, bounce and smoothness
  • Repair enhancer - clean hair allows K18 molecular repair service to work better

85% of US homes have hard water

That means your clients most likely have metal + mineral buildup

assess the water
in your area
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assess the water in your area

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%{hardness} %{hardnessUnit}

This is a measure of the concentration of dissolved calcium + magnesium found in water.
On the low end: slightly hard water may cause your client's hair to be dry or dull.
In the middle of the scale: clients' hair may be rough or limp.
At the highest end: you will see + feel more extreme buildup that can lead to breakage, discoloration + unexpected reactions during services.


This is a measure of the amount of hydrogen (H+) ions in water.
Below hair's optimal range (<4.5): while hair is generally ok at lower pH, extremely acidic pH will irritate skin + scalp. It is unlikely to see tap water pH in this range.
Within hair's optimal range of 4.5-5.5: clients experience minimal cuticle swelling with less frizz, better color preservation, and reduced protein loss.
Around 6-7: your client's hair cuticle starts to swell more which leads to color fading, tangles + breakage.
Alkaline (8+): client's hair is susceptible to severe damage and extreme color fading.


7 of the most common metals + minerals impacting client hair

the hard truth about water

Master colorist + salon owner Christine Thompson talks how to identify + navigate metal and mineral buildup in the salon.

Christine Thompson video
Blonde hair after Chelator
Blonde hair before Chelator

why we chelate

Every client is exposed to water with metals + minerals that can damage hair.

100% of stylists agree* treating hair with the PEPTIDE PREP™ PRO chelating hair complex:

✔ Ensures optimal color + chemical services
✔ Provides more even, consistent color coverage
✔ Leaves hair brighter


see the chelating complex in action

Blonde hair before + after chelator
Blondes go from discolored, brassy, or green strands to brighter, even color with restored bounce
Curly-coily hair before and after chelator
Curls + coils go from rough and limp to smooth + bouncy
Fashion hair before and after chelator
Fashion colors go from dull, discolored and limp to vibrant + bouncy

powered by science

Get up close and personal with how our proprietary formula attracts and neutralizes metal + mineral ions.

Get up close and personal with how our proprietary formula attracts and neutralizes metal + mineral ions.

chelating vs detoxing

Use together for the cleanest, most optimized canvas.
PRO chelating hair complex
  • Tackle metal + mineral buildup to reset hair for optimal services, revived color vibrancy, and restored smoothness and bounce
  • Use before every service, between services 1-2x monthly (or as often as needed), and before detox shampoo and K18 molecular repair service
  • Effectively reduce 7 of the most common types of metals + minerals found in tap and hard water
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detox shampoo
  • Clarify product buildup, sebum and copper to reset texture, and optimize performance of products, stylers, and chemical services
  • Perfect for prep ahead of color and chemical services, a clean slate before K18 treatments or haircuts/styling, and after the PRO chelating hair complex
  • Color-safe, non-stripping formula gently but effectively removes 99% product buildup, 95% sebum + 76% copper* for detoxified, refreshed hair

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Chelator and molecular repair service

clean canvas = maximum molecular repair

Use the chelating complex to remove metals + mineral buildup pre-service—ensuring maximum results from K18 molecular repair formulas.
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